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Document Management

Web-based Document Management software for online document storage.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Document Repository

Document Repository

You can view and manage all project documents and easily arrange them by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status, author and more.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Tagging


Add context to documents by assigning tags via Deskera CRM’s Document Manager. Create virtual folders for quick and intuitive storage and retrieval.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Search


Search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content – Full Text Search. Incorporate Advanced Enterprise Search capabilities, such as ‘search-as-you-type’ to obtain faster search results.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Share


Deskera CRM Document manager ensures secure collaboration and information distribution through permission based sharing with each and every member involved in the project.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Share

Document Lifecycle Management

Manage document lifecycle with versioning and archiving them in a single repository; which makes the job of managing and retrieving the files easy.

Deskera CRM - Document Management - Share

Document Previews

Preview documents in Deskera CRM allows you access document content without even downloading the file with just a single click.

CRM Document Management

Deskera CRM’s Document Management feature helps you to track, store and process hassle-free business documents. It also saves your time searching for papers and assists in replacing lost documents. You can access information anytime, anywhere, and manage it all from the convenience of a web browser. In Deskera CRM’s Document Management, documents are held in a single repository that simplifies uniform data access, controls versioning and eases sharing documents.

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