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Deskera Documentation

Deskera ERP – Handbook

(PDF size : ~12MB; 64 pages)

Streamline your processes, optimize inventory and track your cash flow with Deskera ERP. Download the handy handbook for quick references to basic steps.
Deskera PM – Handbook

(PDF size : ~9MB; 64 pages)

Plan projects and define milestones and budgets. Assign resources, and track project health. Ensure delivery of on-time projects within budget with Deskera PM.
Deskera HRMS – Handbook

(PDF size : ~9MB; 48 pages)

Hire, train and retain with Deskera HRMS. The handbook provides brief to manage each stage, from recruitment to employee exit and built-in reports.
Deskera MRP – Handbook

(PDF size : ~7MB; 48 pages)

Track end-to-end manufacturing with Deskera MRP. Ensure quality and compliance are followed. Delight customers with quality finished goods and on-time delivery.
Deskera CRM – Handbook

(PDF size : ~10MB; 48 pages)

Know your revenue generating and stagnant customers. Prioritize opportunities and get one click campaign reports with Deskera CRM. View handbook for steps.
Deskera ERP – User Manual

(PDF size : ~40MB; 742 pages)

A detailed user guide for steps to be followed in Deskera ERP to facilitate recording and processing of all financial transactions and to streamline your operations.
Deskera PM – User Manual

(PDF size : ~19MB; 223 pages)

Deskera Project Management enables you to create project plans, assign resources and track project progress via interactive Gantt charts. Download the user manual for a step-by-step guide.
Deskera HRMS – User Manual

(PDF size : ~13MB; 262 pages)

Deskera HRMS gives organizations the much needed tool to manage their most important assets - employees. Download the user manual to view the step-by-step guide with flows and screenshots.
Deskera MRP – User Manual

(PDF size : ~16MB; 256 pages)

Download detailed user guide for Deskera MRP, a manufacturing software that helps you optimize your inventory to gain better ROI. Record, track and access one-click built-in reports.
Deskera CRM – User Manual

(PDF size : ~46MB; 668 pages)

Deskera CRM makes customer management and sales tracking easy. Download the detailed user guide to know steps to prioritize opportunities, track cases and much more with Deskera CRM.