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Deskera eClaims FAQs

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What is Deskera eClaims Manager?

Deskera eClaims Manager is a comprehensive solution that enables you to automate and integrate the entire claim management process for your organization. With Deskera eClaims Manager, you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ claims details. It empowers your organization to efficiently configure claim associated features for your organization, lower claim administration cost and claim tracking, processing and document management.

How do I access Deskera eClaim Manager?

To access Deskera eClaims Manager, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your Administrator using a web-browser. You do not need to download, install or even setup the application.

Can anyone else access my personal information?

Your personal information is completely secure within Deskera eClaims Manager. Role-based access ensures that a user can only access information as per the assigned permission levels on the basis of his/her role and work function.

Claim Administration

Can I configure claim period, claims approving authority for processing of all the claim requests for my Organization?

Yes, you can effectively configure the claim policy for your organization by selecting claim period which will be used by employees to apply for claims and claim approving authority in the organization for routing of claim request either to HOD of cost center or to user assigned manager through ‘Claim Policy’ link on eClaims Manager Dashboard.

How can I manage user permissions?

You can easily manage all user settings in the system through ‘User Administration’ link on eClaims Manager Dashboard. Here, you can assign managers, roles and permissions to individual users in accordance to their work functions.

How can I add/configure tax?

You can configure company’s tax by clicking on ‘Manage Tax Adjustment Master’ link on eClaims dashboard and specifying tax name, percentage, apply date, tax code. Also, edit and delete the existing taxes for your organization.

How can I add/configure expenses?

You can configure company’s expenses by clicking on ‘Manage Expense Items’ link on eClaims dashboard and by specifying item description, GL code, type and monthly limit for each item. Also, edit and delete the existing expense items for your organization.

How can I set currency exchange rate?

You can configure company’s currency exchange rates by clicking on ‘Manage Exchange Rule’ link on eClaims dashboard and set base currency and conversion rules for your organization by specifying date to view exchange rate and selecting currency.

Employee Self Service

How can an employee apply, cancel or manage their claim applications?

The ‘Employee Self Service’ feature of Deskera eclaims Manager enables the employees to make online claim requests and track their approval progress. When a claim is applied by an employee, it is automatically routed to their respective manager(s) or the HOD of cost center and they may either accept or reject the claim application. The automatic routing of the claim application saves a great deal of processing time.

How can an employee apply for a new claim?

An employee can apply for a new claim by clicking on the ‘New Claim Application’ link and filling in the required fields including the approving officer, claim type, description and more. The claim request is automatically routed to that employee’s approving manager, who can then either approve or reject the application.

How can an employee edit or cancel existing claim applications?

An employee can cancel an existing claim application in case he does not want to avail it at any point of time. The employee can edit/cancel existing claim applications by clicking on the ‘Edit/Cancel Claim Applications’ and subsequently edit claim details or cancel claim application by clicking on a claim and choosing the required option.

How can an employee apply for a new trip?

The employees can apply for a new trip application by clicking on ‘New Trip Application’, entering date and time details and adding a brief description of the reason for trip.

The date or description of the emergency trip can be edited at any point of time and can also be canceled in case one decides not to avail the trip through ‘Edit/Cancel Trip Application’ link.

How can the administrator/manager make Announcements?

The administrator or manager can announce important issues to a number of people through ‘Announcement’ link on eClaim Manager Dashboard. This can be done by selecting a group of employees, entering the announcement details and publishing it for all or selected members. Users with administrator access can also make public announcements for all employees through this functionality.

Can I archive claim records?

The employees can save the old claim documents in Archive Repository so that they can be referred at any point of time through ‘View Archives’ link on the eClaims Manager Dashboard.

Manager Self Service

How can a manager approve/reject employee claim applications?

Manager Self Service allows managers to access employee claim requests and information. The claims applied by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers or the HOD of cost center manager who may approve, push back or disapprove claim requests with a single click. The approving officer can either approve or reject employee claim application and enter the remarks or reasons for rejection.

How can managers approve/reject trip applications?

The approving officer has the authority to approve or reject the trip applications depending on the urgency of the work through ‘Approve/Reject Trip Application’ link on the eClaims Dashboard’.

Claim Reports

How can I track employee claim details?

Generate comprehensive and intuitive claim reports such as Costs per trip, General Expenses, Advance given, GL report and more to get complete details about the claims availed by an employee instantly and clearly identify claim trends. The comprehensive reporting feature also enables organizations to view year-to-date snapshots of employee claim records.

What reports are available in Deskera eClaims Manager?

Deskera eClaims Manager incorporates a comprehensive list of standard reports some of which are listed below:

  • Costs per trip: Specify trip name, applicant name and report showing trip name, type, goals, departure Date, arrival date and status is generated.
  • General Expenses: Select a date range to get a detailed report for general expenses showing expense name, transaction date, trip name, expense amount, claiming amount, personal amount and many more.
  • Advance Given: Generate a report showing detailed information of advance given to an employee for official trip such as trip name, employee name, requested amount, approved amount, approving officer and advance requested date.
  • GL Report: Select a date range and specify claim status to get a detailed report showing applicant name, expense name, transaction date, expense amount, claimed amount, personal amount, total reimbursed amount and many more.


Is there any help available in Deskera eClaims Manager?

Deskera eClaims Manager offers complete assistance wherever you require through the following Help features:

  • Getting Started Tips: If you are new to Deskera, get a useful and quick tour of all major features through the Getting Started Tips. The tour will get you started with Deskera with in minutes of logging in. Look out for the Getting-Started-Tips icon on the top right corner of your screen for viewing these tips.
  • Contextual Help: Whenever you need any help regarding any link/button, Deskera provides you with a unique feature wherein you have to just hover your mouse pointer over the link/button and view its details.
  • Browse through our “Frequently Asked Questions” to find immediate answers to most of your queries.
  • Contact Deskera Support support@deskera.com. We are here to help you!
  • Find useful tips and tricks on Deskera Blog.