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Deskera eLeave FAQs

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What is Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager?

Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager is a comprehensive solution that automates and integrates the entire leave-management process. Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce. With Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager, you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ leave and attendance details.

How do I access Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager?

To access Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your Administrator using a web-browser. You do not need to download, install or even setup the application.

Can anyone else access my personal information?

Your personal information is completely secure within Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager. Role-based access ensures that a user can only access information as per the assigned permission levels on the basis of his/her role and work function.

Leave Dashboard

How can I monitor Leave Status from Dashboard?

You can get a quick snapshot of employee leave summary which includes the leave types and the leaves entitled, earned, taken, adjusted and balance through ‘Leave Status’ section displayed on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. The leave status is automatically updated as and when leaves get approved/unapproved.

How can I apply, cancel or monitor my Leave Applications?

You can easily manage all your leaves by applying for a new leave, editing or deleting the applied leaves, taking time off leaves or group leaves through ‘Leave’ Section on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. You can also make group announcements and view archived leaves.

How can I view and manage my profile?

You can update your personal profile by updating information like user ID, email address, contact number, address, date format, time zone and other information through the ‘My Profile’ link present on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard.

How can I receive Alerts and Reminders?

You can view updated alerts on the status of all the leaves applied by you such as approved, rejected, authorized or unauthorized leaves on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. You can also view announcements such as notifications or scheduled meetings on your dashboard.

Leave Administration

Can I upload and maintain Leave Policy of my organization?

Yes, you can effectively manage the leave policy of your organization by uploading the leave policy document through ‘Leave Policy’ link on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. The uploaded ‘Leave Policy’ can be downloaded at any point of time through the ‘Download Leave Policy’ Link in the top panel of your Dashboard. You can also configure the starting date of your company’s year that would be used for leave calculation and leave accumulation rules.

How can I manage user permissions?

You can easily manage all user settings in the system through ‘User Administration’ link on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. Here, you can assign managers, roles and permissions to individual users in accordance to their work functions.

How can I adjust employee leaves?

You can view a detailed report of the employee leaves and adjust the leave balances of the employees through the ‘Leave Detail Record’ Link on the Leave and Attendance Dashboard. To adjust employee leave balance, you need to select an employee and click on ‘Adjust Leave Balance’, adjust the users leave balance by providing a positive or negative value for different leave types. Leave Detail records can also be exported in CSV format.

How can I configure Company’s Leave Settings?

You can configure your company’s leaves by adding holidays, defining the weekly-offs and also receive email notification when a new holiday is added to the list through ‘Company Administration’ link.

Leave Types

How can I configure Leave types?

Configure different leave types for the employees on the basis of their designation or seniority i.e. years of service in the organization. The leave types thus framed can be used in all the future transactions related to leaves.

How can I configure new Leave Types?

Enter a new leave type category under which leave applications can be filed and hence customize the leave categories for your organization. This can be done through the ‘Leave Types’ link on the Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. Create a new Leave Type by entering details such as leave category name, number of leaves, leave entitlement rules and more.

Employee Self Service

How can an employee apply, cancel or manage their leave applications?

The ‘Employee Self Service’ feature of Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager enables the employees to make online leave requests and track their approval progress. When a leave is applied by an employee, it is automatically routed to their respective manager(s) or the HR manager and they may either accept or reject the leave application. The automatic routing of the leave application saves a great deal of processing time.

How can an employee apply for a new leave?

An employee can apply for a new leave by clicking on the ‘New Leave Application’ link and filling in the required fields including the approving officer, leave type, description and more. The leave request is automatically routed to that employee’s approving manager, who can then either approve or reject the application.

How can an employee edit or cancel existing leave applications?

An employee can cancel an existing leave application in case he does not want to avail it at this point of time. The employee can edit/cancel existing leave applications by clicking on the ‘Edit/Cancel Leave Applications’ and subsequently edit leave details or cancel leave application by clicking on a leave and choosing the required option.

How can an employee apply for emergency leaves?

The employees can apply for a new emergency leave for few hours depending on the nature of the work simply by clicking on ‘New Timeoff Leave Application’, entering date and time details and adding a brief description of the reason for emergency leave.

The timings, date or description of the emergency leave can be edited at any point of time and can also be canceled in case one decides not to avail the time off through ‘Edit/Cancel Timeoff Leave Application’ link.

How can a group of employees apply for Group Application?

If a group of people are going for a leave on the same schedule then a group leave can be applied through ‘Group Application’ link on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. This can be done by selecting/entering the names and designation of the people in the group and then filling the leave application form.

How can the administrator/manager make Announcements?

The administrator or manager can announce important issues to a number of people through ‘Group Announcement’ link on Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. This can be done by selecting a group of employees, entering the announcement details and publishing it for all or selected members. Users with administrator access can also make public announcements for all employees through this functionality.

Can I archive leave records?

The employees can save the old leave documents in Archive Repository so that they can be referred at any point of time through ‘View Archives’ link on the Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard.

Manager Self Service

How can a manager approve/reject employee leave applications?

Manager Self Service allows managers to access employee leave requests and information. The leaves applied by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers or the HR manager who may approve, push back or disapprove leave requests with a single click. The approving officer can either approve or reject employee leave application and enter the remarks or reasons for rejection.

How can managers approve/reject emergency leave applications?

The approving officer has the authority to approve or reject the emergency leave applications depending on the urgency of the work through ‘Approve/Reject Timeoff Leaves’ link on the ‘Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard’.

How can I manage Unauthorized Leaves?

The approving officer can mark a leave availed by an employee without prior permission as unauthorized. This can be done by simply clicking on the leave and selecting ‘Unauthorized’ option.

Leave Reports

How can I track employee leave details?

Generate comprehensive and intuitive leave reports such as leaves per user, leaves per month, leaves as per type, planned/unplanned leaves, authorized/unauthorized leaves, paid leaves/ leave without pay, group leaves and more to get complete details about the leaves availed by an employee instantly and clearly identify leave and attendance trends. The comprehensive reporting feature also enables organizations to view year-to-date snapshots of employee leave records. The management can also track employee attendance with updated attendance reports.

What reports are available in Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager?

Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager incorporates a comprehensive list of standard reports some of which are listed below:

  • Leaves per User: The leave report can be generated for individual users by selecting a user from the drop down menu and specifying a date range.
  • Leaves per Month: Select a date range and a report showing leave details such as leave type, description and duration is generated for all employees in the corresponding time period. The total leaves can also be viewed at the bottom.
  • Leaves as per Type: Choose a Leave Type and specify a date range to get a comprehensive report on all leave details for the selected leave type.
  • Authorized and Unauthorized Leaves: Generate a report showing authorized and unauthorized leaves of employees separately with leave type, remarks and duration. The report also displays whether the leave is paid or unpaid.
  • Planned and Unplanned Leaves: This report distinguishes the planned and unplanned leaves and also mentions whether it is paid or unpaid along with the remarks of the authorizing officer.
  • Paid and LWP: It depicts paid leaves and leaves without pay separately with complete leave details including remarks, description, duration and type of leave.
  • Group Leaves: Generate leave details for all the group leaves in a specified time period.


Is there any help available in Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager?

Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager offers complete assistance wherever you require through the following Help features:

  • Getting Started Tips: If you are new to Deskera, get a useful and quick tour of all major features through the Getting Started Tips. The tour will get you started with Deskera within minutes of logging in. Look out for the Getting-Started-Tipsicon on the top right corner of your screen for viewing these tips.
  • Contextual Help: Whenever you need any help regarding any link/button, Deskera provides you with a unique feature wherein you have to just hover your mouse pointer over the link/button and view its details. leave-faq-img
  • Browse through our “Frequently Asked Questions” to find immediate answers to most of your queries.
  • Contact support@deskera.com.We are happy to help.
  • Find useful tips and tricks on Deskera Blog.
  • Are the user activities recorded in Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager?

    Yes, all the activities carried out by all users in your organization are recorded in the ‘Audit Trail’. It can be accessed by the Administrator from the Audit Trail link on the Leave and Attendance Manager Dashboard. You may simplify your search by selecting the transaction for which you want to track the activities. The IP address information helps you to track the source from where the modifications have been carried out in the Leave and Attendance Manager application.