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What is Competence based training

Competency based training is a methodology which involves mapping the current competency levels against desired competency levels, identifying the resulting gaps, and creating a training plan to bridge those gaps. This is an extremely powerful tool if used correctly.

Recruitment Management made easier

Recruitment management system, usually a part of the HR Management System, would allow the job positions to be created in the system. Upon the creation of the job posting, a form is generated by the recruitment management system with a hyperlink. This would be available online for interested candidates to apply.

Importance of Assessing Competencies during Appraisals

Appraising competencies ensure that the employee is getting feedback on the most critical aspects which help them achieve their goals. Without the focus on competencies, employees might end up getting no feedback on how they need to achieve a certain goal.

Why Automating Leave Management is Important

Worldwide studies have shown that the cost of leave & absence contributes to nearly 35% of an organization’s payroll. Surprisingly, despite such impact, most organizations do not even track employee absence, let alone manage it effectively.

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