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Payroll Management

Reward your employees with fast, accurate and efficient payroll processing through the industry’s most preferred payroll software.

Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - Configure Payroll Components

Configure Payroll Components

Highly flexible and configurable set of rules allow you to configure any type of payroll component, such as earnings types like basic, HRA and more, as well as multiple deduction and tax types.

Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - Create Payroll Templates

Create Payroll Templates

Deskera’s Payroll Management allows you to create a payroll template for each employee designation easily using predefined payroll components such as earnings, deductions and tax types.

Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - Assign Payroll components or templates

Assign Payroll components or templates

Assigning a predefined payroll template or components to an employee based on any criteria is a piece of cake with Deskera’s Payroll Management.

Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - Generate Payroll

Generate Payroll

Deskera’s Payroll Management allows you to generate payroll for your employees based on their designation and corresponding pay slips for sending to your employees.

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Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - View Payroll Reports

View Payroll Reports

Deskera’s Payroll Management provides you an interface for a complete overview of salary disbursements, including details such as earnings, deductions, taxes and more.

Deskera HRMS - Payroll Management - Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Deskera’s Payroll Management’s user friendly interface enables employees to view online pay slips, incorporating complete salary information, detailed pay history, payroll deductions, taxes and more.

As today’s workforce becomes increasingly competitive, truly effective organizations need instant access to payroll costs, the ability to adapt to organizational change, and control over when and how their workforces are paid. Deskera Payroll Management Software provides an instinctual solution that helps you to incorporate your payroll processes and manage it effectively without any additional effort. Employees can comfortably access comprehensive pay records, view and print pay slips.

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