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Resource Management

Utilizing Project Resources Meticulously

Deskera Project Management - Resource Management - Manage Project Members

Manage Project Members

A project manager can easily view all details related to projects and members involved in the project. It helps you manage project team members, assign tasks, define roles, and monitor activities through the manager’s dashboard.

Deskera Project Management - Resource Management - Add/Edit Resource Details

Add/Edit Resource Details

Project resources are easily managed and defined by cost, color or details. You can add new resource details or edit existing resource details with no efforts.

Deskera Project Management - Resource Management - Manage Resource Conflict

Manage Resource Conflict

Reduce and resolve resource conflict by a graphical representation of use. Deskera Project Resource Management feature makes this task easier as you can simply assign resources to tasks and adjust assignments to resolve allocation conflicts.

Deskera Project Management - Resource Management - Track Resource Cost

Track Resource Cost

Resource usage can be tracked by defining and allocating activity costs, and using comprehensive workload reports. Finances can be managed by assigning budgets to projects and programs.

Resource Management Preview

Project Management is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.Manage efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources to accelerate Project Delivery, Productivity and Success. To be precise, it enables you to efficiently and effectively deploy your organization’s resources when they are needed.

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